About us

Venus Music Official – its your first professional musical label. When you have just amateur status and your social pages and promote activity from zero – needs first step for: opening thousands of youtube views, first official video of your audio, real feadback from special audience, which in searching something new and individual.

Venus Music Official – don`t interest for mainstream trands like POP, RAP, some SHOWs like a lot of DJs with only naked girls on featured image of video with low instinct needs, etc. Our brand style – intelligent and non-standard audiocontent in the genre – electro, opera, house, ambient, soul, jazz, new age, chill out, rock ballade, soul etc. We have our own moods, which can be understood by 5 playlists of our youtube-channel, it’s video clips with music for “background at routine jobtime”, “for the time after work”, “for meditation and spirit “, on the contrary “sports rhythm” and “for study and concentration” (more about it in Last publicated video page).

Venus Music Official – choosed a soul sounds for video clips sometimes for free. Usually we use music, video mix footages, producers ideas, low-budget films and old films cut with a common license or some another free-to-play licences. If you have some short films to promote or ideas story – its your chance to collaborate with us too. Anyway, we have professional video-production equipment for developing video clips from zero, but not for big budget (more about it in Promote your ended videoclip or to order a video selection service for your audio in our youtube-channel page).

Venus Music Official – promoting compaign consist of e-mailing for near 8000 radio stations around the world with likely us style; live sreaming page with live chating and youtube playlists for constant perception flow; sharing in our social network pages and views of subscribers, another platforms for promoting.

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