Our services. Promote your ended videoclip or to order a video selection service for your audio in our youtube-channel

For first to get started, please read who we are and what our options have in page “About Us

VenusMusicOfficial to offers three paid options for cooperation:

  1. For FREE – you can to sent your audio, video, ideas, film cut and maybe we are to choosed it for our final work. This is because we need a non-stop for publication of audiovisual content. You can send to us your masterpice for free (sending form)
  2. Upload your full ended videoclip and to publicate for desired special date = USD $200 Good for release of your album of audiotracks on a certain date.
  3. Own special video selection from our video database for your audio; no option from you, only our opinion; You trust by our choice and to publicate for desired special date = USD $400 Main audio of some your album release needs for official video. We can to help with this.
  4. Full videoclip cycle create project with your or our screenplay (scenario), collaborate or only your ideas, but our cinema shooting, editing. etc = USD $1000 (but this price only without additional costs like a fee of actors, rent of location, properties and other things proceeding from the conceived idea). Finished artwork-video you can publish as we have on our YouTube channel or desired place on Internet.

Interested? Apply to “Contacts” page